Hydrologic System Analysis

Heath Hydrology Inc., in cooperation with Hydrologic Systems Analysis, LLC. of Golden, Colorado, uses the standardized Hydrologic Systems Analysis (HSA) to offer "cutting edge" regional and site-scale hydrologic characterization, and conceptual and mathematical modeling of hydrologic systems.

HSA, with emphasis on ground water and surface water resources, watersheds, wetlands environments, and ecosystems, is used in support of water resources management, expedited environmental site characterization and remediation, watershed and ecosystem characterization, management, and restoration, and natural and mineral resources utilization planning and design.

HSA is geo-based, scientific, systems-oriented, multidisciplinary, and multi-scale, and incorporates the usage of both field and laboratory methods, and the usage of computer and mathematical modeling tools, elaborate data management systems, Geographical Information Systems (GIS), and advanced visualization technology to solve environmental and natural resources development and management problems (See Figure). HSA is described in ASTM standard D5979.


HSA is used for mine and resource development and mined-land restoration, local and regional development and protection of groundwater supplies, watershed and site-scale pollution prevention and regulatory cleanup, and water rights and water quality expert witness and litigation support.

  • Site-scale analysis for water resource characterization, remediation, modeling, and/or management for industrial and municipal users
  • Wetlands analysis for characterization and/or  remediation applications – restoration, pollution prevention, cleanup
  • Watershed-scale analysis for urbanization, water supply and quality, pollution, and superfund cleanup applications
  • Multiple-scale analysis for environmentally sensitive resource development and mine/petroleum site closure applications.


  • Reduce unnecessary data collection and analysis
  • Design cost-effective solutions with the 'real' hydrologic  system
  • Utilize pollution prevention strategies in 'true' system-based designs
  • Resolve conflicts, assure regulatory compliance,  and provide litigation support for water rights and water quality cases with systems analysis that is scientifically, technically, economically, and legally defensible.
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