An example of the hydrological and hydrogeological projects we have completed in the past is a study of the vulnerability of the caves at Carlsbad Caverns National Park, Carlsbad, New Mexico for contamination from the surface. In this study, conducted through the Colorado School of Mines, the geology, hydrology, hydrogeology, and environmental chemistry of the surface and subsurface was analyzed to determine existing antropogenic influences on the caves' hydrology and water quality and potential contaminant pathways between the surface and the caves.  An integral part of this study was the application of the Hydrologic Systems Analysis (HSA) approach. See Vulnerability Carlsbad Caverns.

In 2005, we developed, in cooperation with Hydrologic Systems Analysis, LLC. of Golden, Colorado, a 10-step GIS-based procedure for the analysis of the groundwater resources in the valley of the Roaring Fork River in Pitkin County, Colorado. See Pitkin County GW GIS for details. In follow-up studies, we applied the GIS-supported Hydrologic Systems Analysis in developing hydrogeological and hydrological conceptual models of the Capitol/Snowmass Creek, Crystal River, Maroon/Castle/Hunter Creek, and Fryingpan River areas in Pitkin County. The results of these studies have been incorporated in county-wide GIS maps showing groundwater availability, sustainability, and vulnerability. In 2012, we applied this approach to the Oak Mesa area of Delta County in western Colorado, followed by studies of the groundwater resources in the North Fork River valley in 2013 and the Surface Creek valley and adjacent mesas in 2014.

We have provided senior consulting services, project advise, project troubleshooting, and expert witness services for hydrological and groundwater system studies, modeling projects, and groundwater contamination problems.  Projects in which we were involved included water resources development, mine and construction site dewatering, ground water protection, artificial aquifer storage, and contamination from oil refineries, manufactured gas plants, landfills, and others sources.

At IGWMC, we developed methods for the assessment of ground water model applications and testing of modeling software which have become the basis for various ASTM standard guides. We have applied these protocols in various software testing and model application reviews. 

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